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Running new bread machine empty before using to make bread?

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Carb Junkie

Running new bread machine empty before using to make bread?


I have just purchased a West Bend High-Rise Horizontal breadmaker through Amazon.  I bought it because of the many good reviews.  A few of the reviews said that one should run the breadmaker through a whole cycle while the pan is empty, prior to baking any bread!  Has anyone heard of this practice?  It is not mentioned in the manual.

Thank you!

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I think that's just to burn off any oils or other crud from the heating element and baking pan before actual use.   I'm not sure I would bother since the manual doesn't mention it, but that's just me.


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I agree.  Running the machine to burn off any residue from the manufacturing process might be the reason such a practice is recommended but most manufacturers suggest that a thorough washing before use is sufficient.  If the instructions didn't recommend a "burn in" period I wouldn't take the trouble or time for doing that.

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Carb Junkie

Thank you both very much for the input (and so quickly!).

I will just give it a good wash and hopefully that will prevent any problem.