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Thanksgiving Roundup

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Thanksgiving Roundup

I don't know about you guys, but last week wore me out. I'm just now recovering and have the energy to recap :)

Here's the last week or so of production. The struan I kept, everything else went on Thursday.

  • Sourdough rye rolls using the Old School Deli Rye recipe from ITJB. I milled 1.5 tablespoons of caraway seeds in while milling the flour. IMO, I made them too small and/or cooked too long, they got really hard. They were fine once cut in half, but biting into a whole one was painful.
  • Plain sourdough loaves. This was my first time using the Russian whole wheat sourdough strain from It's a little less sour than the KA New England strain I've been using, but is much more vigorous with 100% home-milled grain.
  • Apple Pie. Pretty much straight from Alton's Good Eats recipe, except I use traditional spices.
  • PR's multigrain struan via WGB. This has become one of my favorite recipes.





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Hi Loyd,

I knew you were going to be swamped!

These all look really nice.  When I make rye rolls the crusts are hard too.  I did read somewhere why that is but now I can't remember where I read it....sure someone more knowledgeable about working with rye will chime in...

Love the Straun in WGB too and yours looks wonderful!

Glad you are resting up as Christmas is just around the corner :-)  (Have you tried the Hutzelbrot in WGB?  It is a winner here with both family and friends and a good holiday loaf.)

Take Care,


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I haven't tried this yet. I need to dig more deeply into WGB, I haven't worked with it nearly as much as I have BBA, in spite of it probably being more appropriate to my grain situation. Thanks for the recommendation!