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Cinnamon Rolls with Active Dry Yeast

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Cinnamon Rolls with Active Dry Yeast

I am using the Fleishmans Active Dry Yeast in the glass jar thats red.  I want to make these tomorow and am having some questions.  Do i just do it like the recipe says or to disolve like it says on the jar.  and then just mix it in with other ingredients.  Hope someone can help me before noon.  thats when i want to start making them.  Any advice?

“*Proofing has traditionally been done by dissolving yeast in ¼ cup warm (100-110˚F) water, stirring in 1 teaspoon sugar and waiting 10 minutes. The mixture should foam and double in volume.”

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Do it like the recipe says since you have the type yeast called for.

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"Proofing" the yeast is simply a method used to determine if it's still alive and well.  But I like to proof yeast because, IMO, in a solution, it tends to blend more evenly throughout the dough mass.  If you're using a recipe it's always best to follow the processes as outlined by the author.  That's the best way to avoid surprises.

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thank you for your fast replies.  I shall just follow the recipe.  will reply how they turn out.

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"Active Dry" should be proofed, the granules are largish and not terrible easy to dissolve, so starting them out in warm water allows you to mix them into the dough evenly (as well as waking the yeast up and giving it a bit of a head start)

"Instant" or "Bread Machine" yeast does not need to be proofed, as the granules are smaller and designed to be very very easy to dissolve, so simply adding them to the moist dough and stirring is sufficient to mix the yeast evenly through the dough. It seems to be harmless to proof it, however.