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Italian style Panettone

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phillip in arkansas

Italian style Panettone

I am attempting to bake an athentic style panettone sweet bread for Christmas.My loaf rises well but is usually really dry or undercooked.Crust is hard and Flavor is just not right.I have found a number of recipes online but they do not come out like the loaf you buy in the stores.

Any ideas?

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posted a gorgeous panettone in his blog a couple of weeks ago. The recipe used is one of the most tasty one.

You need a very strong starter to make a panettone, preferrably refreshed every 3-4 hours and maintained very stiff.

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is simply great (even if not tested yet) the crumb looks soft but firm at the same time so I would suggest to try it! the hardness and dryness of your panettone might involve that you baked at a very high temp! I usually bake my owns (that I make following the simili sisters and based on sourdough) at a maximum of 180 c degrees! Here you are another excellent link where you can find panettone: Better luck with your next attempt and happy baking from Quito! Paolo

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I just wrote about it in another thread.  I thought the recipe to be very recipe to follow...and the result, EXCELLENT.  It is definitely my go-to panettone.  The first time I made this panettone, my crust too was a bit too dark and dry.  On my second try, I reduced the heat a little and half way through my bake, I put an aluminium foil on the top of the bread to prevent the crust from browning too much.  Success IN and OUT.  Hope that helps a little.