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Baking bread in FL.

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Baking bread in FL.

Hi all.

I am a 24 years old and from Anna Maria FL. I just started my first starter tonight with 5#s bread flour and a small clear bowl full of luke warm water. Now waiting 2 or 3 days for fermentation. Looking forward to meeting everyone here and bouncing ideas off eachother.


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Five pounds of flour?!  That's an incredibly large amount of flour for a starter, especially since you will have to throw most of it away.  May I suggest that you add some salt and some commercial yeast and turn it into bread, instead?  You'll get a lot more from your investment that way.

Before I forget my manners entirely, welcome to The Fresh Loaf, Ted.

Please, please read The Pineapple Juice Solution, Parts 1 and 2, posted here by Debra Wink.  First, you'll learn why and how a starter works.  Second, you'll have a tried and true simple method for getting a starter up and running.  Third, you'll save a bunch of money, compared to your present approach.

If you look in the upper left-hand corner of the page, you'll see a box labeled "Search".  Type in the search terms that interest you; Pineapple Juice Solution, in this case.  (Bonus hint: the site is several years old now.  There are thousands of posts.  Odds are pretty good that almost any question you have has been answered several different times.  The Search tool is your friend for digging up that information.)

Good for you that you want to get a starter started!  There are more economical and effective ways that won't use up 5 pounds of flour in the process.  In my experience, the Pineapple Juice Solution is probably the best that's out there.  Best of luck!


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Aussie Pete

Hi Ted and welcome,

I hope you have misprinted your mearsurements and was using 5oz instead. Or thats gonna' ( Sorry  that is Australian slang meaning "going to be") be one hell of a starter.

If it is 5lbs that you have used I totally agree with  Paul, start turning it into bread now!!!!

I also agree with Paul above by researching the pineapple juice starter method.

 My method.

Day 1.......(easy maths but not accurate....30grms equals 1 oz.

100 grms bread flour( I used a blend of 50/50 white and spelt wholemeal)

100 grms of unsweeted pineapple juice

mix to a slurry and leave in a warm place.


Feed your new starter by repeating day 1.

Day 3

Throw away about half and repeat day 2. By now there could or might be some small activity. If not don't worry.

Day4 ..........Repeat day 3

Day 5..........There has got to be activity going on by now. You should have growth, bubbles of gas with a beer and yeast type of pungent smell. This is good. My starter took off at about this time in the process.

Just keep repeating above till about Day 7. By now it should be established enough that you can swap the pineapple juice for filtered tap water. I started baking with my starter at about day 7. The flavour has just kept maturing since then and is now about 2 months old. The starter now lives in the fridge and is fed flour and water once a week when I bake.

Hint.......I divided my starter into two at about day 5. I feed one on white bakers flour only and the other on a mixture of white and wholemeal spelt capturing a totally different flavoured loaf of bread.

By also using equal weights of fluid and flour you will always have a 100% hydration starter. This comes in handy at later dates if you start using bakers percentages. This should be looked at for yourself as well.

Hope this helps and I really hope it was 5 oz..............good luck

Cheers from Australia...........Peter