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Hello Fellow Bakers

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Terri Karsten

Hello Fellow Bakers

I stumbled upon this site and fell in love with it immediately.  I've been baking on and off for years, just for fun.  Almost two years ago I gave up store-bought bread for good, and make all my own now in an outdoor, wood-fired, brick oven my husband and I built.  I enjoy all different kinds of bread, so I'm looking forward to reading more of what everyone here has to say.


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Hi Terri,

Welcome and enjoy the site.....and Happy Thanksgiving,


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A very grand welcome to you!

I write this note to new members often.  But you're not really so new.  In any case, maybe what I'll tell you will help.

1.)  Please tell us about your successes and failures both.  You never know what you'll or we'll learn.

2.)  If/when you have a question, use the Search function on the upper left of every page first.  So many questions have been asked and answered already that there's rarely something brand new.  You'll get your answers quite quickly sometimes just using Search.

3.)  Look at all the videos.  So many are useful for one thing or another.

4.)  There's a difference between a cookbook and a text book.  The text books that are now available may be to your liking at this point, if you've not already used them.  The text book by Hamelman may be to your liking.  If you are looking for a beginner's text, look at Dimuzio's Bread Baking.  After 40 years of baking, I still use both.

5.)  Do you make Northern and Southern European breads both?  If you've not started making baguettes and/or Italian bread, bread from a high hydration dough, see if you can find someone near you who's been making them for a long time to show you the moves.  It really helps.