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Tartine Rye Bake

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Tartine Rye Bake

Hello everyone,

I thought I would share my 2nd Tartine sourdough bake.  This time I used 10% dark rye flour.  If you are familiar with the technique, I followed the process using a cast iron combo cooker.

In my two bakes, I've been very impressed and happy with the steaming effect you get.  My crumb show it very blurry, so I'll have to take another tomorrow.

I appreciate any comments and thanks for looking.


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I'll bet the crunch factor is fantastic, too.

I've baked the Tartine rye bread three times now.  It's a tasty loaf, even if it is a bit challenging to handle.  It finally dawned upon me to scale down the recipe by half and to continue dividing the dough.  My hands aren't big enough to wrestle such a mass of dough without forfeiting beauty.