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Hi I am new on here

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Hi I am new on here

Hello I was interesting in seeing some ideas with the master baking baparoma. I have had one for years but have never used it.

Do people only use it for cooking bread products on as I don't eat bread products I may sell it.


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thomaschacon (not verified)
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Folks mainly use it for baking bread as it does such a great job, especially for french bread.  I also make bagels with mine and it does a pretty good job, so I don't have to use the boiling water method. 

They manual shows many different recipe ideas.  Do you have all the the additional cooking surfaces?  Some of the recipes include, pork chops with apples, oriental poaced fish, steamed shrimp and mussels, bourbon and honey sauce beef roast, chicken with lemon sauce, sweet and sour cornish hens.  Without the flat surface with the holes, these recipes might be a challange. 

If you should decide to sell it.  I, as well as several other people, on this site would probably be interested in purchasing it.  Terry R.

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You can consider it to be simply a covered cooking vessel so anything that will fit in it can be cooked in it.  However, the shape of the baparoma limits its uses. I'd be careful to avoid using too much liquid though; its pretty shallow.

What I like about for baking bread is that the cavity, when cover is closed and it's in the oven, is small enough to allow for concentration of heat and moisture at the surface of the loaf.  Makes a nice crust ...