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Bake Fails

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Bake Fails

In a daily browse I found this wicked contest  that lead me to think about bake fails, as opposed to bake successes. I'm a terrible baker as you can see by today's attempt at whoopie pies, so I thought I would try and start up a thread in here to see if anyone else can join me in and wallow in shame :) 


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The first time I made gobs, I actually forgot to put FLOUR in the mix and ended up with something that looked surprisingly similar to your attempt, except that mine was one big sheet of burnt chocolate goo.  

Good luck next time!

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Some of those are great.  

My soda bread entry:

Two failures in one here: not using the toothpick test to verify the loaf was baked through and not greasing the pan well.  Maybe a third too: trying, to remove the loaf from the pan while it was too hot and hadn't set.

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I did the same thing with cornbread -didn't test for doneness - it was not pretty. 

Also there was the time when I was so rushed trying to get dinner together that I forgot to put yeast in the pizza dough (it was kneaded in a bread machine and I didn't notice the lack of yeast until I started to put the dough in the pizza pan (ugh!).)

And then there was the time when I forgot to rinse the beans after they had soaked in baking soda and water (my grandma's trick for removing the 'snappers').  The stew made with the beans was AWFUL!

And then....

Yup, we all have those days.....


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hard as rocks.  Cake drier than dirt.

And to this very day, I fear the macaron....


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I just baked a 100% rye that was so hard and crusty it required power tools to cut and all but the center was inedible.


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Mini Oven

(Hope that wasn't my recipe.)   Got a heavy duty grater?   This summer, I seem to remember seeing something big and mobile for removing layers of pavement.  :)    Can you steam it soft?  Or soak it in boiling water?  Do something!  ... so it doesn't get discovered 1000 yrs from now by archaeologists.   There must be a way, have not yet heard of discovered petrified piles of rye bread bricks around pre-historic home baking sites.   


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Hey, notthebestbaker, not to worry.  That's what those large round cookies cutters are for.  Cut rounds, spread on filling, top with another round  -  viola; whoopie pies.  If they're overbaked, crush them and use them in a streusel. 

Mine (when I was about ten years old) was believing that a layer cake with two layers, one red and one green, would make a better impression if the colors were more intense.  Got any idea what an entire one ounce bottle of food coloring will do to a cake layer?  Not a pretty thing .....

But I baked it as a surprise for my mother and mothers (thank goodness) can be very forgiving.

I also once made a Pâte à Choux that you couldn't chew.  The dog wouldn't even touch it.


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I had baked a tray of muffins before some loaves of bread ... I set the oven to "auto off" for the muffins as I was busy around the house. Oven went bing, pulled out the muffins ... perfect. I cranked up the oven to preheat for the bread while I proved the loaves .... didn't notice (forgot) the "auto off" switch was still set to off....imagine my surpirse when I peeled my loaves into a cold oven...

I had quite a bit to say about that ...none of it repeatable :)

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I have been fortunate that most of my "failures" have still been edible (maybe I'm just forgiving) but some make it difficult.  I had a solar oven while camping this summer; the sun was shining brightly, the oven got up to 325 or so, and I decided to make peach muffins.  I mixed up the batter (with dry milk instead of fresh), put the muffin tins in the oven... and the darned thing never made it higher than 225 because of some unforeseen high cloud.  As a bonus, I hadn't realized the milk powder had gone sharp with age, so I had slightly bitter, gooey muffins.  Sigh.

Once in a while I miscount the number of cups of flour I've put into a bread recipe, usually on the high side.  Tough, dry, ugh.  

For a classic, I forgot the salt in a loaf of regular sandwich bread once.  I tried to eat the result, but finally gave up.