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sd english muffins

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sd english muffins

I was going to make sd english muffins but found I only have bread flour,ww or rye flours. What can I expect with bread flour? Patrick

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I only make English muffin with bread flour or mix of bread flour + WW flour.

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If you are interested in some awesome sourdough whole wheat English muffins, I have used this recipe by JMonkey many times with great success:

You need to set it up the previous night, but the hands-on time is minimal and they are very easy and rewarding to make.

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I've made JMonkey's WW SD muffins using my starter which I normally feed with rye flour and they came out delicious and fluffy. I suspect bread flour would be ok, but you may get some extra chewy muffins closer to pizza crust if you aren't careful.