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Bagels cracking when baked

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Mike Como

Bagels cracking when baked

I have a wonderful bagel recipe I love, and they are delicious.   However, after the boiling bath for one minute on each side and into the oven, some of the bagels crack on the top when they keep rising.   This doesn't affect the taste any, however I would just prefer they not crack.   Does anyone have any ideas why they crack,  too short or long a time in boiling water bath?   I'm not sure.  They don't all do this, just some of them, and I am curious as to why.   Thanks!

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It sounds like you may be boiling them (or baking them) when they are a little under-prooved? Most recipes I've seen boil the bagels when almost-fully proved (so that they're still handle-able rather than completely jelly-like), allow them to cool again, then bake when they're completely prooved (meaning that there's less oven-spring, so less opportunity for cracks to appear).  Alternatively, it might be possible that you're boiling them for too long, so that a thick crust is developing before they're fully risen?