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Hello from Cheshire in the UK

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Hello from Cheshire in the UK

I have found this site a really interesting and informative resource, so a big thank you to all of you who post. I've been baking bread for a while, and I post pictures of my efforts on I'm interested in communicating with anyone, especially people in the Cheshire area to talk all things bread and  techniques.


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Welcome along JoArmstrong,

Lots of UK bloggers to be found here on TFL who are UK-based.

I'm further north than you, in Northumberland.

Best wishes


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Thanks for the welcome. I'm looking forward to hanging around here.


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Hola Jo

I actually live in Spain but originate from Sandbach. We have a caravan near Knutsford which we spend the summer at (it's too hot over here then) and some other times like xmas.

I've been baking bread for a number of years, trying different styles and techniques although I aways seem to revert to Richard Bertinet's method and recipies(with tweaks) from Crust & Dough. I see from your blog you spent a day at his school - sooo envious.

Where in Cheshire are you ?


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Welcome to TFL, Jo! 

Look forward to lots of bread-talks with you on the forum.

Greeting from the South East. :)


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I am interested to hear you live so near to me, I am just over the border from  Cheshire, in N.E. Wales.  The other coincidence is that I have also taken a day course with Richard Bertinet in breadmaking, a very enjoyable day it was too!  I make sourdough bread as well as other types of yeast baking, in fact I love all types of baking.  I will look forward to reading more of your exploits with bread making.

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Hello JoArmstrong

I'm another graduate of the Bertnet Kitchen and although I don't live in Cheshire I am next door in Shropshire.  I also use mainly Shipton Mill flours but I have found a nice one from Little Salkeld watermill near Penrith.  Their 4 grain flour gives a good crust and flavour.  Have you thought about asking lumos if you can join the Get Together near Oxford next February?