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Crust on starter

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Crust on starter

I've been using a starter off and on for a few years now and just this week, twice, I've seen it develop a hard crust on the top as opposed to a watery liquid that one might normally see.  

The only thing I can pinpoint that was different was that one time it was in a rather small glass container, in the fridge where normally it would be one much larger (8 oz vs about 16). I always cover with just a coffee filter and rubber band.  It had been about a week when I checked it and found the entire top layer was a hard crust.

The second time was when I was actively reviving it to use and was after a 3rd feeding.  I had it in the oven with the light on overnight since it's getting chilly now. It was just lightly covered with a cloth to keep out any dust. The top had a hard look and feel to it though it had obviously grown well since the previous night's feeding and the part just below it was fine.  I just went ahead and used it as is since Saturday is the only day I have enough time to do it but the resulting loaf didn't rise very well at all.  

Why would it be developing the crust and is it unusable?

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My guess is that you'd not have a crust if you covered your starter with an air-tight lid.  However, since starter can be dried out, crumbled, and put into a plastic bag for air transport (thereby avoiding having to throw a jar of the prescious  stuff into an TSA bin during a security check), I see no reason why you couldn't rehydrate the crust and continue feeding it as usual.