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New Member...........

I just love this site, and can't wait to try everything..........but I need help in how to just print recipes and not that whole page.....HELP!!........also I had terrible results when I tried to do a sour dough ................I followed instructions to letter........Thanks............

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Cut and paste into word pad or MS Word, then edit if needed, then print.


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I suggest that you put your questions into simple form in the Search box on the upper left of every page of TFL and see what comes up.  There are few questions that haven't been asked and answered many times over.  I'm sure, if you do this, you'll learn lots and probably quicker than you'd imagine.

I also suggest that you get yourself a bread baking textbook. (I like DiMuzio's Breadbaking because it is short and takes students up from start to baking great loaves).  The others I know are excellent but not for the beginner.  Textbooks are good because, unlike cook books, they assume you're starting at the beginning.  Try to find DiMuzio's text and all other books at Alibris, Powell's, or any other used books websites first.  Less expensive that way.


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I think your questions refer more to using your computer than making bread.  Check you messages.  I sent you some info. that might help.

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I agree with Jim. A simple way to print recipes is to open a word document and cut 'n paste.