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baking on a ceramic smoker type cooker

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baking on a ceramic smoker type cooker

Having looked at the available post on the web site, I felt something waas missing.

I have a primo ceramic smoker cooker that has some ceramic plates between the charcoal and the grill as an insert. I plan remove the grill and use  firebrick as a 2nd layer then add  a pizza stone on top. I want to cerate a heat sink to ensure results similar to a brick oven. 

My question is about getting steam into the oven. I know the temperature that I want. I have made a lot of sourdough bread in clay  croche cookers in conventional electric ovens which usually require 30 minutes with the top on the 15 minutes with the top off. However, in a brick oven its different.

Do you cover the loaf for part of the time, and how do you provide steam?


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If I don't bake a full load, I provide steam in my brick oven by spraying water into the oven with a garden sprayer. I doubt that would be optimal for your oven though. If your cooker is large enough, you could preheat a small pan in it and drop in some ice when you put the loaf in. You could also cover the loaf with the top of your cloche and let the dough provide its own steam.

You will probably have to experiment some, but I am sure you will come up with a viable solution.

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I would spritz the dough with water just before loading it. The ceramic cooker is mostly a closed environment and the dough itself will steam as it starts baking.