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Taiwan Baking School

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Taiwan Baking School

To the Taipei based bakers: Can you please recommend baking schools in Taipei? I've thinking about studying baking in Taipei for some time now. I really like the breads and pastries I've tried in Taiwan and I think I'll work well on the Philippine market too. I've been running a bakery business for a few years now and its about time I explore bakery products aside from those I'm used to. I'm also planning on looking for bakery equipment in Taiwan. I'm Filipino-Chinese and I speak conversational Mandarin and Fujianese but an English speaking school would be easier for me. Thank you for any help~!

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It's difficult to find the available classes taught in English.
If you can read Chinese, check out this site "中華穀類食品工業技術研究所". Quite professional.

There are other options (private schools, or bakery workshops etc) available as long as you know how to do search in Chinese.