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Forum Settings....

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Forum Settings....


I am new to the forum, so please forgive if this is not the correct place for my question today.  I really enjoy this forum and it has been very helpful,  providing multiple answers to my questions from a very enthused group!

At this point, I am wanting to receive only emails that are responses to my questions.  I've tried to adjust my settings to reflect this, but I do not understand some of the terminology used at this site yet..  Currently, I'm getting daily emails (usually in duplicate for some reason..) and the most recent email began as follows........

Greetings skyclad,

Recent content - 57 new posts

How do I adjust the settings to omit the above, and only allow responses from my questions to the forum??  Please advise, or if possible, make the adjustments for me.

Thank you!


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Disable notifications, enable "Send me responses via email".  I just did this for you so you should be good to go.


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i have been receiving duplicate daily lists also


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I've always found email notifications to be annoying, especially when you have a user friendly forum as this is. In the left column there is a link to recent posts. Once there, click the tag for  "My recent posts". Again, because this Drupal forum is user friendly (if not always admin friendly :) ), you can see at a glance whether any topic in which you participate has new posts since your last viewing of the topic thread, and how many posts are new. Further, you can click on the "[number] new" link and go directly to the new post(s).