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Weekend baking, need more practice..

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Weekend baking, need more practice..

Hi everybody!

I did my normal weekend baking and unfortunately either my brain wasn't with it or i was not paying the proper attention. My loafs didn't come out that great.. I think my first mistake was making my dough to wet therefore it was very sticky when it came to shaping. Which in turn stuck more to my hands than actually getting in to a nice tight shape, and being still pretty new to this, I got very frustrated.. so my shaping was of poor form. My sourdough came out alright-ish, I think it would have been a bit better if it was a more tacky dough than sticky and having a benneton would have been good to keep a nice tight shape. Plus with it being sticky when I tried to slice it its just came out wrong. My other sourdough loaf...well lets just say i am having a flat bread tonight for supper..

Same issue with my enriched white loafs, too sticky a dough and over proofing.. they are eatable and the flavour will be good, but look wise needs alot of work..

So at the end of the day I was very dissapointed with my baking this weekend. I still need to learn loads and need lots and lots of practive. PLuse if anyone can give any advice or an article on proofing that would be great, that one area where it is always hit and miss with me.

But here are my photos from the weekend. Please be kind!