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How to become an apprentice in Europe

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How to become an apprentice in Europe

Hey all! I'm an apprentice at my neighborhood bakery. Next year I'm going to Europe for a wedding and I figured since I am there I should apprentice for a while and then go check out the culinary olympics in October (spectator, of course). The problem is I don't know where to start looking or if there is some way I can make a connection before I get there so I dont' start go there in the dark. Any thoughts as to persons (I figured in Italy, France and Germany), places and things so I don't go roaming Europe in the dark after learning a language I don't need? Thanks!

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how's your Italian, French or German?  Not an expert on labour mobility, but I'm guessing not knowing the languages would limit your opportunities to find an apprenticeship or placement.

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I got my nephew an apprenticeship in Switzerland in a fantastic artisan bakery last Summer. They were very happy with him. Do you speak any German?

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