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Berkel 20qt Mixer

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Berkel 20qt Mixer

I just bought an old Berkel BX20 20 qt mixer. It's cast iron and super heavy. I'm looking to purchase a work table to support it. Does anyone have any idea what this might weigh and what are my best options for a table?


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The actual weight will depend upon the age of the device.  Does it have a model number on it?  If so, or even if not, call 800/348-0251.  They were nice to me.

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I would guess 150-200 lbs.

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When I spoke to Berkel about the weight, the nice woman I spoke with was very helpful.  It was clear that the exact model number and year of manufacture are important to know.  She mentioned at least three different weights to me.  They ranged from 220lbs up to 300 lbs., nothing as low as even 200lbs.

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The essential aspect of your table is that it needs to be rock solid.  If there is any give or play in the table, the mixer will sway and dance.


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thomaschacon (not verified)

You can find many stainless steel or aluminum tables that are specifically made for a mixer of this size.

What you can't find is an affordable new one. The aluminum ones (even the smaller ones) start at $300; the stainless steel ones are significantly more. The shipping alone will set you back a few hundred dollars.

I'd check Craigslist every week until one shows up in your area. I see them frequently and for much less than what they cost new.

Search using "nsf table" and you should find something that'll work.

(For what it's worth, I'd just kept my (dearly departed) 20 qt bolted to the crate floor that it was shipped it. Worked very well. If you can't find an afforable table, consider bolting it to a thick, wide [wood] plank. You want it wide because the mixer will walk/sway (when you put more than 5+ lbs. of dough)).

(Also, a friend of mine refuses to buy the wheeled tables. Not sure why, but I think it's because the wheel housing bends and/or the locking fails, not something you'd want to happen during mix).