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Random Baking Recipe Generator

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Random Baking Recipe Generator

After reading this post, you will either be shocked and write me about how you'll never use it or simply be intrigued. I wrote a webpage to design cookies based on richness and sweetness. It is intuitive and simple. There is also a converter. Thanks for everyone who gave me input last time. I need more recommendations.

As far as grams vs. cups, this application is geared towards making standard recipes, therefore the accuracy is the same as most Americans are used to; any recipe you see in supermarket magazine. Now that aside, some notes and improvements I have thought of:

1. I may make a test mode, where recipes can be generated to generate small batches (4 cookies) for experimentation (e.g. 1/2 cup flour, 1/3 cup oats, 3 tbsp butter, 1/2 egg). For now, you have to scale down. 

2. Work on the directions for chocolate cookies.

3. Add brownies, crust, pound cake, scone, and coffee cake options

4. Remove Chocolate cookies since I dont think anyone eats chocolate cookies plain.

5. Add graham flour

6. I want to put emphasis on whole grains in baking, so for some recipes, whole grain flours will pop up about 20% of the time. I am not sure if I need to change this.

7. There is a slight glitch that gives an error if you dont choose the pastry type first.


Have fun,


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thomaschacon (not verified)

...but, in general, I avoid cookie recipes that aren't tried and true. (Not so for bread, which is more forgiving with experimentation).

I like the idea a lot, but the hurdle you'll have to overcome is convincing people that cookies are just mathematical ratios that, when properly used, will work well. Take the "super rich" option. If I'd try that where I live (high altitude), I'd end up with a puddle of butter.

Michael Rhulman published a book using a similar concept, Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking, but I gave up on it after several disasters. The 3:1 (oil:acid) for vinaigrette works like a charm, however!


Add some simple error-handling code for that "missing pastry type" error. It's rather glaring. Try a simple "onChange() or onSelect(), don't POST" try-catch in Javascript (or do something similar on the server-side). 


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I need some help on what would be the best option for scaling, fractions (3/4, 4/5) or decimals (0.75, 0.8)


1.I think the small batch would best be done through a scaling option


3.Added crust, the rest is on hold




7. Resolved



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Hey guys & girls,

      I finished the test version of the recipe generator. Thanks for the input. I kept the layout simple for mobile use, and gave it a makeover for the aesthetics.

1. For people afraid to experiment. Two solutions, a scaling option to scale-down to create small batches and an option to scale-up to compare generated recipes to your existing "proven" recipes.

2.  There was a recipe generator at that generated silly recipes which people actually tried, so eventhough many people will disregard the recipes, I hope people who make the recipes and leave feedback will be the best gauge of how useful the application is.

3. In the future, this project will only be for quick breads and maybe cinnamon rolls and king cakes, since yeast breads are altered too much by kneading and other factors.

I know this is daring so thanks to everyone who has given sincere feedback.