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Video making basic bread

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Video making basic bread

I would like to find a good video showing someone baking a basic white or white and whole wheat bread without a bread machine.  I really enjoy watching people bake or cook.  I can learn better watching than just reading the steps.  I know there are lots of vidoes out there but am wondering if anyone has found a good one.

Thank you.



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I can recommend The Bertinet Video, as far as kneading/mixing goes.

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Hey Ginny,

Not to promote myself, but I do a lot of videos on baking, that I either post here or on my blog. Hope you will like some of them. I have the same thing with recipes, I like it much better to see than to read :-)

Also; Mark, from the Back Home Bakery has some very interesting shaping videos. I learned a lot from his videos!

greetz from Amsterdam


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Mark has some DVDs you can get through the bakeries web site or better yet see if you can intern with him next year. His rustic white bread is great & learning to make it in Northwest Montana is pretty sweet too.