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cake yeast

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cake yeast

found a old cookbook and a lot of recipe call for 1 cake yeast what is this eq to instanse yeast  mike

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Postal Grunt

The standard conversion ratios for cake yeast, sometimes called fresh yeast, call for using 40% of the cake's weight in active dry yeast and 30% with instant dry yeast. A lot of folks just use one sachet or packet of IDY in place of the cake yeast to keep things simple.

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thomaschacon (not verified)

I suppose it depends on the age of the cookbook, but usually 1 cake is ~1 oz. (I'd check the appendix or the forward for conventions used in the book. It'll likely tell you what they mean by 1 cake).

Using this trusty spreadsheet, which hasn't once led me astray, you'll need:

3.3 teaspoons (or 9 grams) (.32 oz) of instant yeast

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thomaschacon (not verified)

Or, if this page is to be believed, it's 0.6 oz, so:

1.9 teaspoons (or 5.3 grams) (.19 oz) of instant yeast

I'm not really helping with this confusion, am I?

Kindly ignore me.