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Hello from MD

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Hello from MD

Hi everyone, I'm Kt. I'm in Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC. I love baking--bread, cakes, cookies etc. Regular cooking too, but baking most especially. For bread, I probably make challah, and variations on it, the most often because we all like it so much. But when I have time I like trying all different kinds of breads. Nice being here!


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Mini Oven

Glad you decided to loaf around with us!  Today the site is back to its speedy self.  

Take a look around...  like using the site search box for anything that pops into your mind.  One can even ask it simple Q's and delve into the wonders that lie under the TFL crust.  If you find anything you want to get back to... click on the  add to favorites under the title article, that will post a link in your account where it is easy to pull up again.    

Have fun and let us see your latest Challah!  :)