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Baguettes in 1 day?

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Baguettes in 1 day?

So I usually make the incredible Anis Bouabsa's baguettes and really love them, I am also experimenting with 36+ hour baguettes. Both recipes are excellent if you give them the time they need.

But have you ever been setting around, finishing your lunch and think "Baguettes with dinner!" only to realize that the time machine is in the shop and there is no way to go back in time and get them started yesterday.

My question is does anyone have a DECENT baguette recipe that has SOME flavor, and can be made in a day (lets say 6 hours start to finish).

I don't expect them to be great but an open crumb, some crispness in the crust and a little flavor would be nice.



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thomaschacon (not verified)

Thaw, mix in with other ingredients, bulk, shape, proof, bake, 3 hours, done!

You can also whip up a fast-fermenting poolish and use it to make poolish baguettes, but I much prefer the pre-ferments.

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 I make a french bread from time to time at work and I just use a poolish to bump up the flavor and crust quality.  I still get an open crumb, nothing sourdough like, but a nice crust for a couple hour fermentaion. 

I use a poolish that uses 60% of the total flour in the formula. 

So that being said here is a recipe for a 3 pound batch. 

28.40 oz Flour  100%

18.64 oz Water  65%

.56 oz salt  2%

.56 oz yeast  2%


1. poolish: 17.4 oz Flour 17.4 oz Water .56 oz Yeast

2. Final Dough:  11 oz Flour 1.25 oz Water .56 oz Salt

After the poolih ferments add it all to the mixing bowl, add the rest of the flour from the formula the rest of the water and all the salt.  Mix, Ferment, Proof, and bake

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Mini Oven

Let it stand out about 12 to 24 hours depending on your temps (longer for cooler days) and then freeze the dough.  When you want to make baguettes in three hours, thaw out the dough in warm water, work in a good amount of yeast (just like you'd forgotten it or something) (1.5% - 2%)  and let it bulk rise.   Shape and bake!  



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Juergen Krauss

tastes quite decent.

70% hydration, 2% salt, 0.3% instant yeast, 5 hours bulk proof at 22C.


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Hi Allan,

I am a rank amateur at baking but I have a simple method of baking great tasting baguettes in less than 6 hours.  The first requirement is French flour.  If interested, I can give you my recipe and the URL of a web site where you can purchase the flour.  


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i think sponging makes a big diff, for example, you have your dry ingredients mixed, and then make a well, add in the water, grab some of the dry flour mixture and sprinkle over the top, and just leave for about twenty mins, before mixing the rest in and making as usual.