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Champion Juicer Grain Attachment?

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Champion Juicer Grain Attachment?

Hello all,

Does anyone have any experience with the grain attachment that works with the Champion juicers??? How does it compare with the wondermill/nutrimill etc?

Me & my husband want to buy a champion juicer for juicing lots of veggies etc... but I also would like a mill.... So I was wondering if it works good I can kill 2 birds with one stone!

Thanks for any info


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My wife and I own the Champion Juicer but do not own the grain mill attachment.  What I can tell you is the motor is extremely powerful and assuming the mill is made decently it should serve you well as a mill.


Does anyone on the board have a Champion Juicer and grain attachment that can comment? 

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I do have one and have used it with success for milling hard white and hard red wheat.  So far (after a couple of years' juicing I am just now starting to use the grain attachment on a regular basis) so good, and I am pleased with the results.

 However, I am curious to know if anyone hsa ever tried to mill dried beans using one, and if so, what were the results??  I used my coffee grinder for chickpeas and will be getting a new one if I keep that up.  (cracked the top.)

Thank you for any reply to this question.