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Crumb problem?

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Crumb problem?

I just baked a delicious large loaf.  I used a very small amount of yeast and had a 20-21 hour fermentation.  During fermentation, I noticed lots of large bubbles on the top of the fermenting dough.  I turned the dough out on a floured counter, gave it 3 or 4 folds and tighted up the skin, before letting it proof, seam side down, on some flour covered parchment for about an hour.  I slid the dough on the parchment onto a hot pizza/bread stone in a 475 F oven.  The bread is delicious with a nice moist body and crispy, dark reddish brown crust but my question is about how to develop a consistant crumb throughout the bread.  All of my large air pockets are within in the top third of the loaf.  There are smaller bubbles/pockets throughout  the loaf but the nice, big ones are only at the top.  Any thoughts/ideas?

Thanks.  This is my first post.

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someone on the site posted a video clip last week of Ciryl Hitz showing how to shape different type of loaves and in that clip he shows how to gently "degas" the dough while distributing the air bubbles throughout the dough.  I would do a search on youtube "Breadhitz shaping dough" and you will see it.  Basicly this is what it needs to be done.  Good Luck, 


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Thanks.  i will check out the video.

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In his book "Bread" Hamelman says no dough should go longer than an hour and a half without being degassed. Excess CO2 will build up in large pockets.


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Don't forget that the large holes are devoid of flavour!