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Which mixer to buy?

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Which mixer to buy?


I am new to the site.  I would like opinions on which mixer I should buy - Magic Mill or Bosch?  From what I have read these mixers are two of the best  I would like the mixer to be able to do most kitchen mixing functions.  My understanding is that the Bosch does not perform well when mixing small amounts.  Any advice would be appreciated.


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thomaschacon (not verified)

There are too many threads on too many mixers, none of which really achieve a concensus here on TFL. I recommend you use the search function and see what you find. There'll be plenty on both mixers.

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I agree with the above note:  it's rare that anyone asks a question that's not already been answered many times over.  Find those answers using the search function.  I, myself, use both a 6 qt KA and an Electrolux DLX.  I would never buy another KA.  I've had lots of troubles with the newer ones while teaching bread baking in the homes of others.  My own KA is very old and so doesn't have the re-engineering problems the newer ones have.  I chose the Electrolux because I needed higher bowl volume than a home KA provides and had a tolerable footprint.  For me, the Electrolux beat the Bosch by a mile.  I got the Electrolux on the cheap on Ebay.

After reading the copious opinions you'll get using the search function, don't forget to search for videos (Youtube and Google will bring them up, as, I imagine, will other search engines.)  A picture's worth a thousand words!


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I have the Bosh Universal Plus; I received mine about three years ago, and I love this machine more today than the day I received it. Really a great machine...



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I have a Bosch Universal mixer several years now. Before I bought it I eas seriously thinking about the KA. When I was visiting our daughter, I borrowed her KA to make sourdough bread. Am I ever glad I bought the Bosch. I've not made less than 800g dough which works fine. I do'nt know how much smaller you want to go,but you are now able to buy a mini hook for very small quantities if you also buy the blender attachment. Take a look at for all the details. On the basis of my baking experience I can highly recommend it.
Good luck, Franz