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Silicone Parchment

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Silicone Parchment

I've found a product which makes it easier to transfer your loaf to the oven.  I use a Regency Professional Parchment sheet to form my loaf on.  It is a silicone coated, thin and slick, fiber glass woven cloth.  It come in 13 X 17 inches and will slide off the bottom of a small baking pan onto your stone.  Leave it in the oven.  Your bread will bake on it and come off easily when done.  These can be used over and over for years.  A package of 2 shouldn't cost more than $5.00.  I've bought them at World Market and on the Internet.  Made in Dallas, Texas by Regency Wraps, Inc.  Don't try the French sheet, they don't slide.  I even use these sheets for cookies, pizza and anything else which might stick to the pan.


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 I bought this product (silpat) last december and have only used it once.

I baked chocolate chip cookies on it and the texture was very strange after they had baked and cooled. Even my husband remarked on it. 

I purchased mine in canada and the two cost 30 canadian dollars each if I remember correctly.