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Greeting and salutations from Franklinville NY

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Greeting and salutations from Franklinville NY

Hi, I'm Kris from Franklinville NY.  I've been baking bread on and off for years, probably more mishaps than successes, but I keep trying.  Ive got pretty good at just regular old white bread.  No way i'm going to spend 4 bucks at the store for one loaf of bread!  In the spirit of adventure i've decided to attempt Pain De Campagne from Bernard Clayton, i'm into Day 2.  I initially put the starter into a 3 qt plastic container.  This afternoon after the addition of the 2 cups hot water and 3 cups white flour for the sponge, I mixed it and plastic wrapped it.  I take the container into the living room next to my laptop, because its warmer there.  So, I'm on the laptop and notice out of the corner of my eye  that my day 2 mixture is rising.  And rising.  And not stopping!  My eyes are flashing from laptop to container, back and forth, etc.  I'm getting anxious because within a 15 minute span the mixture was at the rim of the container. Frantically I rush to the kitchen to dump my white flour out of its container into a gallon baggie so I could use that 1.3 gal container the flour was in for my sponge mixture,  hoping that I wasn't ruining anything.  The directions I had for the recipe didn't say a word that it would continue to rise and fall, etc. after the addition of day 2 ingredients, but duh, I should have thought of that in advance.  Well the adventure continues!

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Amazing how those yeasts behave when they are well fed, eh?