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Sourdough from Bourke Street

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Sourdough from Bourke Street

Hi all your highly experienced people,

I'm relatively new to all this working with sourdough breads, but I'm REALLY enjoying it! :o)

After working some months with the sourdough from Chad Robertsson and a biga from a local chef called Claus Meyer I started a new sourdough 3 weeks ago following the recepie in the Bourke Street Bakery book.

It's working really well with a really good rise some 5-6 hours after the morning feeding.

My question is; When I want to prepare the starter to a dough they suggest 3 feeding - the last feeding being at 6 am, but when will the starter be ready to use? Just after 3rd feeding? Some 5-6 hours after 3rd feeding? It frankly a little unclear to me :o)

All input is highly appreciated!

Kind regards


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Hi Jan,

You will want to use the starter when it is just ripe ... If it is peaking at around the 5-6 hour mark after feeding then that would be the time to use it.

Cheers, Phil

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Thanks Phil - that's good to know! :)