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Cracker thin flat bread

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Cracker thin flat bread

Question for you bakers out there. At my job we are constantly looking at ways to streamline and improve our recipes. One of my tasks is to make a cracker thin flatbread.

White: Focaccia Dough recipe, this recipe contains yeast, and the way that they have been producing it, is to wait 3 days for the yeast to die. I think this is unnecessary, what is your opinion on reducing, or even completly omitting the yeast in this recipe. Its a very a small percentage of yeast, I believe its 3/4oz SAF yeast (blue? ... not the gold type) or if it would be more efficient if I convereted the SAF yeast to using fresh yeast for a faster turn around time on the bread. This bread is made on the sheeter and is rolled down to 0.5.


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The yeast helps impart its own unique flavor to the flat bread (cracker) so I wouldn't eliminate it from the recipe.