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Newbie Question on Lahey No Knead

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Newbie Question on Lahey No Knead

So new I don't know the definitions and have not received my first book yet.  Tried No Knead but exceeded the "prefermentation period"(?? right term??) which says 8-18 hours in my recipe - went about 24-26 hours.  The dough in the bottom of the bowl was very wet when I removed it .  Crust was beautiful, taste was okay but it had a very dense crumb in contrast to past attempts - could this be a result of the extra 6-8 hours?  Or ???



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You do need to pay attention to the time for fermenting. You also should be aware that the temperature of the dough and fermenting ambient air will have a large impact on yeast activity. If the room air is much off 70F you should make a time correction. I would suggest at 78F your fermenting time might be as little as 12 hours where at 65F it could easily go for as long as 18-20 hours.