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Slashes opeing flat across boule, please help!!!!

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Slashes opeing flat across boule, please help!!!!


can't figure out what has changed for me.

I bake a 75% hydration sourdough dour(90%white, 10% rye: preheated  pizza staone for 1 hour, bake at 460 degrees, covered with steel bowl for 15, then  uncover for rest of bake).

My slahes are opening flat across the ear...... no rise up. Ideas please!!!!


thanks, Liz

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Usually, boules are scored with the blade held vertical to the loaf, so there are not ears. If you want ears, you hold the blade at an angle of 30-45 degrees. With a 75% hydration dough, the trick is to make very shallow (1/4 inch deep) cuts. Otherwise, the flaps close up.

See Bread Scoring Tutorial (updated 1/2/2009) for a more complete discussion.