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Baker's Canvas for Sale

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Baker's Canvas for Sale

I have quite a bit of baker's canvas for sale, completely new and yours by the yard. Send me an email to peterandthewolf [at] hotmail [dot] com if interested and we'll talk about $$ and how to get it to you. I'm in Ohio.

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I'm fine with this.  Even if it is someone's first post, is a totally legit to join the site to make a post in the "For Sale" section when what is for sale is of interest to community members.  Baker's canvas definitely is.

Posting the same thing ten times on ten different threads upon first joining, now that would be spam.  But this isn't that.


PS - I cleared out the other comments because I don't see how they can lead to anything constructive.  I hope no one feels censored and if you feel there is more to say on the matter, by all means repost, but I'd rather y'all just chalk it up as a misunderstanding and move on.

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Much appreciated!

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I know this post is old, but do you still have this available?


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I still have some. DM me and I'll let you know particulars.

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Look here:

I purchased this hemp canvas back in 2009 from which I made couches that are just fabulous. The material drapes beautifully, not stiff as a board like cotton canvas of the same weight.