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Where to buy Bosch Universal online

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Pearly Girl

Where to buy Bosch Universal online

I live in Australia & we do not have Bosch Universal Plus available.
I can't buy from US as we have different voltage. I need to find a European online retailer who will ship to Australia & I've been searching for a while. Does anyone know where I can get one?

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Hi Pearly,

I'm too looking to find a way to buy this appliance in Australia. haven't find so far how to. I'll let you know if I get there and please let me know if you get there before me ! Bea

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 I will check with my supplier and see if they are available from them again as I had sold the last one that they had in stock to a customer of mine.


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Who makes the Bosch Universal?  Find out and go to them to request advice about dealerships.  You might also use Ebay or similar sites to find a used one.  I don't use the Universal myself.  I use the Electrolux Assistent DLX purchased at a great price from an estate sale on Ebay.   The differences between the two may be insignificant for your usages.  I suggest that you read about the differences using the Search function on this site.  Also, use Youtube or other video sources to see how the two compare.  Two similarities I see are the size of the foot print and the ease of adding ingredients during the mixing phase of preparation.  It appears that the volume of the bowl of the Assistent may be a bit smaller.  They work similarly by spinning the bowl not the paddle/dough hook/etc.

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Pearly Girl

I've contacted Bosch Australia & checked eBay too,
No luck!

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I am on a similar mission like yours.Did you manage to source the Bosch Universal Mixer from Europe?Have not had much help from Bosch Australia.If you had success,please let me know where you bought it from.

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Buy a 110v Bosch and convert up with a transformer.

When we were in the military, we had to use step up tranformers going to Europe with our 110 American appliances.

Maybe ask in an electrical forum as well.





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After looking at the URLs posted below and not actually seeing the Bosch Universal for sale (some other Bosch products, but not that one), I began to understand the problem. The Bosch Universal is widely used in Europe, but not widely available online. It's available from (which covers Australia), but the voltage is unspecified and will almost certainly be wrong. I found an online source that would seem to have the correct voltage (, but they probably will not ship to Australia (actually I couldn't figure out for sure whether the Amazon Global Programme applies to the Bosch Universal). Maybe it's possible to "ask a friend" who lives in Britain/Europe to buy one retail locally and reship it to Australia (you may still have to replace the cord/plug, are you a DIY electrician?). Otherwise, the step-down transformer may be the best way to go.

The Bosch Universal motor is described as either 700 or 800 watts. A step-down transformer that would work needs to be at least that beefy. So the typical inexpensive 100 (or 200/300/500) watt step-down transformer (which I found listed for as little as $15US) wouldn't work. The first large one I found is this 1000 watt one, which costs more than $60US and still doesn't look exactly right (the cost is probably still within reason, as it's still only a fraction of the cost of the mixer itself).

(It's probably better to buy a step-down transformer locally if possible: avoid shipping charges for this large very heavy item, be sure the plug connector is exactly right, and get service easily if it's ever necessary.)