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Trying to match Acme Whole Wheat Walnut Bread

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Trying to match Acme Whole Wheat Walnut Bread

I liked the Whole Wheat Walnut Bread I got back in July from Acme Bread Company in Berkeley so much that I decided to try to duplicate it.  I posted photos of the Acme walnut loaf previously in my description of my July bread pilgrimage. 

I found a description of the bread and it's ingredients on acme's website:

The recipe I came up with after a couple of attempts is as follows:

Whole Wheat Walnut Sourdough


100g of whole wheat starter (containing 50g water, 25g whole wheat flour, and 25g white flour)

350g whole wheat flour

100g white bread flour

250g water

1.5 teaspoons salt

0.5 teaspoons diastatic malt powder

200g walnuts


After a first attempt was so dry the loaf cracked up the middle I concluded the walnuts soak up a lot of water.  Soaking them in advance in hot water and draining them in a collander before adding to the dough seems to overcome that.

I mixed the dough in a stand mixer, let stand until it rose, and baked it in a dutch oven, about 25 minutes at 450F, with the cover off in the last minutes for browning.. 


It came out pretty good, maybe not the equal of the Acme loaf but very tasty with butter or cheese!

^The loaf

^The crumb

^The cooled loaf in the cooker


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If I was going to improve on this recipe I think it might be worth trying more water and possibly a bit of sweetening.  Whole wheat seems to demand more water than white bread flour for a similar texture.

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I have not had the bread you are trying to emulate but the result looks downright FINE! I guarantee I would eat it!

Good Job!


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Looks to me like you pretty much nailed it!  That's a beautiful loaf inside and out.  I'd stand in line for one of those :)