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Laurel's Kitchen WW Egg Bread troubles

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Laurel's Kitchen WW Egg Bread troubles

I am relatively new to whole grain bread baking, having recently purchased a Nutrimill to grind my wheat. I've made many successful loaves of 100% whole wheat, but the egg bread in Laurel's Kitchen bread book is giving me fits. I am measuring and weighing my ingredients carefully and no matter how much I knead it, using both a KitchenAid stand mixer and manually kneading, this dough is way too wet. I cannot make a smooth dough without adding up to a cup of additional flour. Then I knead some more, and more, and more. I didn't want to add too much and make the dough heavy, but it just never seems to get to the proper gluten-window stage.

I just gave up and set the dough aside to rise and will see what happens. I'm not holding my breath.

Has anyone successfully made this particular loaf without additional flour? Are there any suggestions you can give me? I'm tired of wasting my flour!!!