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Looking for holiday baking supplies

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Looking for holiday baking supplies

I want to actually be prepared for holiday baking this year. I don't do a lot of baking but I do a few items that will need some supplies. I am located in Milwaukee area, Wisconsin,USA if you have a brick and mortar suggestion and,of course, I am looking for a favorite internet supplier.

So take a look at my list and see if you have any favorite suppliers for these items.

Spices:Whole and ground: cardamom,coriander, and nutmeg.

Bulk Craisins for under $4/lb

Bulk Golden raisins for under $4/lb

**I could easily buy 10-15 lbs each of the raisins/craisins and walnuts since I use them in making my daily breakfast bread.

Walnuts** and pecans (5 lbs) -they skyrocketed last year to about $10-$13/lb here!

Almond meal-( 1-2 lbs)

Sliced almonds (1 lb)

Diced candied orange and lemon peel-very hard to find locally.( 1-2 lbs)

Pannetone papers-individual size-about the size of a large muffin (24-36)

White and dark chocolate for ganache ( about 1-2 lbs each)

I am planning on baking biscotti,pannetone,filled brioche and a few varieties of cookies.





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I would suggest Penzeys Spices as a good source of a huge range of high-quality spices at very reasonable prices.  I believe their web address is  They are headquartered in Milwaukee, I think, so it shouldn't be hard to locate a store and save on shipping costs.

FWIW, I'm a happy customer and have no other affiliation with the company.


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If you have a Trader Joe's it would be worth a trip. Prices for dried fruits and nuts are quite low. (All their prices are good.) I don't have one near me but when I visit my daughter I always stock up.

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You'll have to check prices to see how they compare with other sources but here are 2 mail order sources I've used for whole (or ground) spices (shipping is "free" - in the sense that it's included in the price of the goods)