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Jan Hedh's Seed Bread

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Jan Hedh's Seed Bread

I took Jan Hedh's 'Swedish Breads and Pastries' out of the library again. Beautiful Book! But could someone help me with the 'Seed Bread' on page 130? On the Day 2 instructions there is 235 grams of rye flour, 115 grams of wheat flour and 525 grams of water, along with the soaker and poolish. Does anyone have an idea of what the correction would be? I figure there is too much water.

Thank you very much.

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Rye flour can be really absorbant, it depends on what grade of Rye or source of Rye it comes from. Some Rye flours are very thirsty like dark Rye. Medium or light rye are often less absorbant. If your Rye is less absorbant, than your final dough will be quite wet. If so, then i suggest you cut back on Rye flour. How strong is your bread flour (wheat flour)? The strength of wheat flour also plays an important part in the final water content of your dough.

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Mini Oven

Off hand, it looks like the rye and water amounts were switched.  Have you looked up a posted erratum under the book title?

Or ask him directly at:


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Thank you very much Mebake and Mini for your tips. I tried to email Mr Hedh but it didn't work. So I emailed Peter's Yard. Peter has already replied that Mr Hedh is one of the lucky people with no email contact! But he will be seeing Mr Hedh this week and will ask him. Lucky me! Oh this bread obsession is trying, but the pictures of this bread are so good looking and Mr Hedh, at the top of the recipe states that the bread is 'highly addictive'!

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.