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hello from New Zealand

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hello from New Zealand


I have been creating bread since my university days 1979. I made bread for friends who live in the dorms in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada's Saint Thomas University.

In the 1990s following a stress filled time, I had to go gluten free. I made all my breads, cookies, squares, pastry and pasta at that time.

These days, I only bake for special occassions...and because my life has changed so much...I normally don't have to be gluten free....however, I don't go out an buy bread. I normally do eat rice cakes and crackers.

Tonight I pulled out of the oven my first batch of Hot Cross Bunnies (Buns) in oh....nine years. I don't like raisins so I put in a combination of chopped dried fruit -- apricots, plums and threw in some dried cranberries for good measure!

I really like the site. Keep up the good work.