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PiP's Miche

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PiP's Miche

We cut the miche today, three days after baking...and after a lazy Saturday lunch sent my parents home with half.

This miche was made on the fly...with these thought processes.

Total dough weight: 1.8kgs
Hydration: 82% (Freshly milled flour is thirsty...did not seem this hydrated)
Prefermented Flour: 25%
DDT: 24°C

Whole wheat Levain @ 60% Hydration: 400g
Wheat Flour Freshly milled and Sifted: 517g
Spelt freshly milled: 122g
Rye freshly milled: 100g
Water: 661g
Salt: 20g


Cool grains from fridge milled before being mixed with cool water. Autolyse 1hr

Knead (slap and fold) 20mins with 5 min break in the middle.

Bulk ferment for 2hrs with two stretch and folds in the first hour at 30min intervals as dough needed some strength.

Preshape and bench rest 20 min before gentle shaping into boule. Shaped dough placed into mixing bowl with floured teatowel.

Final proof was in fridge as the miche had to wait for oven. I judged that the size of the loaf would take a while to cool and the proof would be complete in the fridge as the dough was pretty lively...was a good guess.

Baked under SS bowl at 250°C for 20mins then 40mins at 200°C

Really enjoy working with dough this size and was happy with the spring the oven achieved....the rye flour adds a touch of tang and earth. A bread of this size sure gets noticed.

One of my parents dogs, Mr Hermann spent some time cleaning crumbs off the floor.....





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talk about True artisan Miche! well done, Phil. Nice crumb, and crust.

i wouldn't use a granite slab, before i get enough scientific assurance that it is food safe at 500F oven. Some say it may leach radioactive vapors.. Don't know.

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Thanks Khalid,

Thanks. I'll look into the issues with the marble stone. It was given to me by a friend who had used it for years as his pizza stone before he upgraded his oven. I have been pretty pleased with the way it perfroms, but it does have a tendancy to darken the bases a lttle more han I would like.

Might be time to look for other options.

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Very nice PiPs. You have my dream mill, what a great Mill.

The color in your crumb is so rich, great effort.

From the look of your bottom crust it looks as if it might be quite a bit more browned than the top. That might become more equally done if you moved the stone shelf up one level.

Mr Herman is a good looking friend.

Great post PiPs, thanks for sharing.


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Beautiful bread and beautifully presented.  I love the fact that you have had absolute control over the loaf from the milling of the flour right through to the baked round.  It is truly yours!  Now, if you could grow the wheat, too, that would really be something.  :)



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Thanks Syd

One of my favourite books is "The bread book" by Thom Leonard which has a small chapter on growing wheat and rye...always sounds sounds easier in the books :)

Not sure if my landlord would be too happy if I started wheat and rye crops in my tiny rental backyard. I'm only a few hours away from some grain growing country though....would be nice to make contact with some farmers directly.

Cheers, Phil


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I too think it's wonderful to work with those large sized loaves. 

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Hi Phil,

Welcome along to TFL; you make some very lovely types of bread

Best wishes


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..but more importantly, I like the miche.  Very nice bake PiPs!


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  Hi  Phil,

Welcome to TFL, too Phil! I second Eric, your Mill is really great. I also like your miche! Very nice crumb!!

One of your parents dog Mr  Hermann made me smile.. What a lovely dog!

Thank you for sharing,



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Thanks Akiko,

Feels good to be posting here finally.

My parents have two dachshunds, a black and tan and a tan. They are very spoilt and well loved....oh and extremely stubborn and strong willed.


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 Your welcome Phil,

I am happy to hear that you feel good to post here now. :)

Your parents dogs sound very loving!!  Extremely stubborn and strong willed dachshunds... It sounds like one of our dogs!

Here is his picture....


My 13 year old son did this..   This dog is a half chihuahua and poodle mix.  He thinks he is the king of our house. He is also well loved, too. 

  I am looking forward to seeing your another post. :)