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Just Starting Out…

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Just Starting Out…

Today I made my first loaf of bread in my adult life... I grew up with a father who baked bread at least once a week and I would help him out as a kid but I was little… and that was some time ago…

I wanted to make something to go with the french onion soup I'm making for dinner so I did a quick google search for some basic bread reciepes… 

I have yet to cut into the loaf (I'll have to wait until dinner for that) but it's looking pretty good so far…


Planning on a wheat loaf over the weekend.

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for a first loaf, looks very good! and a nice photo too. 

welcome to TFL and the wide world of bread :)

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not bread related but good god that's a nice picture. What camera and lens do you have??

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This was shot with a 4 year old Nikon D60 and a 20+ year old Nikkor 85mm 1.8 lens (on my camera thats a 35mm equiv. of a 127.5mm)

This was shot at:

f 1.8
200 iso


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Todays endeavor:

Theres a whole gallery here

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you never said...

how'd the bread taste ???

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not bad… not great either though... 

more attempts coming soon.

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It looks good. I made my first successful bread yesterday...Amish White Bread.

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Looks good and making me hungry, too!

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I only took photos of one...  

photos located here


the butter in the photos is homemade... and ABSOLUTELY amazing.