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Hello from Staten Island

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Hello from Staten Island

Hi all!  Just wanted to thank Floyd and all the contributors for a great website!  I just started baking bread...two weeks ago...and everything I have learned so far has been found over the internet.  The Fresh Loaf is a treasure trove for sure! 

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You will love this site for all the help and information here. The people are really great and Floyd is a gem for creating this space, I think he kind of sets the tone for the site and you really never see the nasty stuff that goes on on other sites. I too only started baking breads a little while ago and get lots of info and hints here. Good luck in your baking. mattie

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Joe Fisher

Hey Lou! Where are you from? I spent my first 26 years in Tottenville ;) PS42, IS34 and SI Tech.


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Hi Joe...I grew up in Great Kills and now I'm living in Fort Wadsworth/Rosebank. 

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Here's another one I grew up in huegenot I went to PS5 and IS7 and lived in Tottenville for about 6 mos.