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mini and mini-mini rye snacks

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mini and mini-mini rye snacks

Hi TFL'ers :)

I haven't been posting in my blog for some time. Currently I have startet writing my MA thesis and my spare time for blogging is not much.


I want to share theese min rye on the go/lunch pack snack breads. They are a fave of my daughter and boyfriend.They have a handfull of raisins and cranberrys and some sunflower seeds in. I also found out, that bakers in Denmark use food colour in their rye bread, so i tried it too.

rye logs ready for a sprinkle of wather and a roll in sesam seeds.

Looks almost like chocolate, huh? ;)

the other variant - mini rye breads and mini-mini ones for nursery packed lunch.

the finished mini breads. They taste great and freeze as well. Tomorrow they will be doubble as delicious!


24 mini rye breads

25g dried yeast

5 dl hand warm water

(a hand full raisins, cranberrys and seeds - some brown food colour - "Kulør" in Danish)

600g rye

250-300g AP flour

2 tbs hunny

4 tbs oil

2 tsp salt


- mix the ingridients and let rise for 2 hours. devide the mix into 24 equal size portions, shape and let rise 20min more under a wet tea towel.

- if you want to roll in sesam seeds sprinkle the breads with water.

- before baking cover the breads with som milk and bake in the middle of the oven for 20-25min at 225C.

- cool on a cooling rack