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Baking dome

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Baking dome

I am thinking of getting a La Cloche baking dome, or Dutch oven as they are sometimes call. It's for baking my sourdough loaves.

The internal diameter of the base of the dome is 10 in. However the banetton that I use for the final rising of my loaf is a little over 10 in - about 10 1/2 in. Does that mean that it will flop over the edge when I put it into the La Cloche? Or will it somehow behave well, and just full the space? (It is a pretty big loaf, at least 1kg).

Another question...

Why is it often recommended that you start the baking of a sourdough loaf in an oven that has not been pre-warmed? Obviously if you are using a wood-fired oven it is very much pre-heated, so there seem to be two approaches here.

Any help to a relative newcomer to the sourdough community would be much appreciated.

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items, check out this recent link:

We can bake beautiful things either right on a baking stone (cheap tile from Home Depot) or, as you see, with the help of some inexpensive aluminum pans.

Good luck with your endeavors, there is much to learn here !  :)