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When to bake the rolls?? Help!!

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When to bake the rolls?? Help!!

Hi all!  Can I let my already proofed and risen rolls hang out on the counter for awhile, and not bake them immediately? I need the oven for the stew!!! Grr....!!


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Just Loafin

Stew should remain hot for a long long time... when you pull the stew from the oven, add the rolls and turn the temp down. Rolls generally only take ~ 20 mins.

Letting yeasted items 'hang out' on a counter (especially a warm counter) will cause them to over proof. If you absolutely have to, you might consider the refrigerator. Slowing down the final this way will actually add to the flavor. The best option would be, of course, to time your mix better so that they are proofing and ready when the stew is done.

- Keith

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Mini Oven

and bake them both at the same time and bake the rolls until just done.  The steam from the stew can work for the beginning of your bread bake.  Cover the stew when the rolls start to brown.  Remove rolls to cool and finish the stew.  When the stew comes out, put the rolls back in to crispen and warm.  Serve together.  :)