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Real Basic Question

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Real Basic Question

So, I have a starter that is a few months old, and usually, when I feed her, she perks right up and bubbles like crazy.  (Not that that has always translated into great rising bread, sigh).  Anyway, today, I took her out of the fridge and fed her, and she's bubbling, but just barely.  Maybe she's just tired and doesn't feel like baking today.  Should I go ahead and bake a loaf, or feed her some more, or wait?  (By the way, her name is Vivian.  She's a girl.  I am a little crazy about her). 

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Sounds like Vivian is just tired. A stay in the refrigerator can do that to a starter. It's generally a good idea to take her out a day or two before you plan on baking and feed her a couple times. That will give her enough time to warm up and get to the task of raising dough.

My starter, Bret, did that the first couple times. Now I take him out a day early just in case, but he's usually ready to go within one feeding anyway. Still, it is good to be on the safe side.