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hi all,

Some matters of note:

* First, INSIDE THE JEWISH BAKERY will be shipping from the printer week of Oct 3rd, so everyone who's ordered in advance will get their copy by the second week of October.

* Second, we just set up a new website for the book, not surprisingly, There's a lot more material there, including author profiles, a book excerpt, and the unpublished ingredient/equipment chapters.

* Third, I'm going to be a guest on the radio program "What's Cookin' with Luca," on WKBK 104 FM out of Keene, NH. The broadcast will happen on Thurs, Sept 29th at 9:00am Eastern time and is accessible throughout Northern New England.

Thanks again for all of your continuing support

Stan Ginsberg

PS: Norm is well on the way to recovering from his latest health challenge and should be ready for personal appearances and interviews in the not too distant future.

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and thanks for the update!

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Hope you can record the radio show, and post it on the website.

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Thanks for the update Stan.


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Mini Oven

so you both can enjoy the attention you'll be getting.  :)  


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Stan, congratulation to you + Norm on the new book, can't wait to get a copy. 

Will there be a way to get an autographed copy of your book?

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Barbara Krauss

Hi Stan,

I'm eager to buy a copy of your book, but would first like to know if there is a difference *to you* as to where we buy.  In other words, do you receive just as much profit from the book if we buy from Amazon as opposed to your website?


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Amazon and NYB both buy from the publisher at the same price, so the difference between our cost and our selling price represents profit. The profit on books you buy from Amazon goes to Amazon, and on books you buy from NYB comes to us. Obviously, we encourage everyone to buy from NYB!


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No problem getting it signed; in fact, I'll be signing all the books purchased through NYB.  Problem comes with getting Norm's signature for a couple of reasons: first, he's in NYC and I (and the books) are in So Cal, and neither of us has arms long enough to do coast-t0-coast signing.  The second, and bigger problem, is that Norm's current health issues have disrupted his life pretty significantly, and although he's obviously very very proud of the book, signing copies is the last thing on his mind at the moment.  So if my John Hancock will suffice, it's a done deal.


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hope Norm is better soon, and as for a signature would love one, but am buying my book locally from my small bookstore. Have to help the locals out. Chris the owner has said that she managed to get it ordered finally, so it will be here soon I hope, although I am thinking more likely it will maybe make my birthday in Nov.

Will visit the website and cheer when I do, as I've been on tenderhooks for this book! LOL