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How do I make my sourdough starter more sour?

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How do I make my sourdough starter more sour?

I have a very active sourdough starter, but it isn't very "sour".  The bread I make tastes great, but I wouldn't call it "sourdough".

How do I get my starter to be "sour" dough starter?

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Just because it's called sourdough doesn't mean the final loaf will be sour. In the U.S. when people hear sourdough they think it should be very sour. If it's a San Fran style loaf then yes pucker up. In other countries sourdough is generally not very sour.

It is easy to ruin a storage starter by attempting to make it more sour. How one builds the starter for the loaf and the formula used is the preferred method to obtain more sour.

This question has been asked here many times and many good suggestions have been posted. Please use the search function.


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Thank you.  I found the node:


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Not sure if this works for every one but a master at Sour Dough Mike Avery  said that to make sour dough more sour in taste in bread is to use less starter.

Very informative link if your into sour dough bread.

Hope it works.  Mine gets so sour that some folks do not like it.

Mr. Bob